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Penshot bridges the gap between short range pepper spray and bulky pepper ball launchers.

Penshot doesn't resemble or work like a gun, but still has impressive long range stopping power.

The Penshot packs a punch with 2.5g of active PAVA powder, a 30 foot+  range, and a 4 foot wide plume.

It is a fine writing instrument with a Fisher Space pen ink cartridge.

It can easily fit in a pocket or clip onto a notebook for maximum portability.

For the first time, a long range pepper device can slip right into your pocket or clipboard.

Penshot's compact size is easily concealed to go anywhere and ready when you need it.

Cutting-edge plume technology means you don't need a direct hit to neutralize long-range threats.

Nitrogen propellant means the PenShot works in all weather conditions and temperatures.​

You don't have to wait until a threat is almost on top of you to defend yourself with spray or use a bulky pistol for a long range.

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